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Fraccarro OPT-TX DT Fibre Transmitter
Use with OPT-RX DT Fibre Receiver
Works properly with standard LNBs. ?
Combines up to 4 separate satellite and ?
1 terrestrial input, into a single fibre output.
Up to 7 transmitters caan be cascadable. ?
Less than 2dB insertion loss, easily inserted ?
into existing networks.
SCAPC optical output.
4 Satellite inputs are selected as follows-
Input1 Black colour 13V 22KHz off
Input2 Green colour 18V 22KHz off
Input3 Red colour 13V 22KHz on
Input4 Yellow colour 18V 22KHz on
Input5 White colour Terrestrial inout
This terrestrial signal is diplexed with the satellite
signals and is available at all outlets.
It can be separated with a Terrestrial/Satellite
Use the SC/APC to Mini Apapter to adapt the
output to the pre-made lengths of 3mm Patch cord.
PR003 3 metre length, PR005 5 metre length,
PR010 10 metre length and PR100 100 metre length.

Fibre System Advantages
Only one fibre carries all signals
(SAT and DVBT)
Low power consumption: Low environmental impact
Immune to electromagnetic interference
Pre-terminated cables eliminate splicing costs
Up to 24dB of Optical Budget
Short fibre runs will need a 10dB optical attenuator
inserted in line.


RF Inputs: 4 Satellite & 1 Terrestrial
RF AGC Level Dynamics: 20dB
Satellite: 950 to 2150MHz, F Female
Input Return Loss: 10dB
Trunk Line Insertion Loss: 2dB
RF Input Level: 69 to 86 dBuV
87 to 862MHz, F Female
Input Return Loss: 10dB
Trunk Line Insertion Loss: 2dB
Overall Input Power: 90 dBuV
RF Outputs: 4 Satellite & 1 Terrestrial & 2 Test
Optical Output: 1 SC/APC
Optical Wavelength: 1310 nM
Optical Power: +7.5dBm
Optical Return Loss: >45dB
Safety Class: 1M
Test Output: 87 to 862MHz/950 to 215oMHz (HH Polarity)
Test Output Return Loss: 10dB
Mains Power: 184 to 264V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 15 Watts
LNB Powering: 4 x 14V @ 200mA each Max
Operating Temperature: -5 to 50 degrees C
Dimensions: 230 x 230 x 50mm
Weight: 4Kg

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