ClearView KR3101 8 in 1 out ASI Multiplexer


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KR3101 8 in 1 out ASI Multiplexer



The KR3101 is a single output multiplexer. It is an enhanced
TS multiplexerfor digital TV broadcasting head-end systems
It can multiplex up to 8 channels ASI input MPTS
into one output transport stream (MPTS)
The multiplexer also can insert EPG (electronic program guide),
or CA (conditional access) data into the output TS
This multiplexer can auto-generate the PSI/SI information
by re-mappind PIDs and filtering and editing PSI/SI data
The input bit rate is a maximum of 216 Mbps
Output bit rate is a maximum of 150Mbps
The PSI/SI information can be inserted into the MPST output
The network management system makes configuting this device simple

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* Fully compliant with ISO13818 and EN300468
* TS re-multiplexing support
* 8 ASI input ports
* One multiplexing ASI output, with a maximum code rate up to 150Mbps
* PCR correction is automatic
* Program sorting support
* SDT table reflection support * Generating PSI/SI information
* Supporting PCR correction and PID re-remapping
* Supports cascading connections between multiple equipment
* Network Management System support

Input Interface

ASI 8 ASI input ports, a maximum 216 Mbps/port


Input TS stream re-multiplexing
PID Remapping
Automatically Generating PSI/SI Table

Output Interface

ASI One multiplexed output port 
Ethernet port 10/100Mbps for NMS


Dimensions (W x D x H) 482mmx360mm x 44mm
Weight 4.8Kg
Temperature range 0~45 deg C(Operation), -20~80 deg C(Storage)
Power requirement AC 240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 25W

Additional information

Weight 4500 kg


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