Kingray DA43 F-Type distribution amplifier


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Kingray DA43 F-Type distribution amplifier designed
for a separate VHF or UHF antenna or combined antenna
at the input. Can be remotely powered to and through the input.
Needs an addtional PSK18F power supply if not line powered
VHF 44-470MHz gain 43dB with 20dB gain adjustment
UHF 470-860MHz gain 43dB with 20dB gain adjustment
Test point at -30dB less than output level
Current drain 300mA, Noise Figure < 6dB
Equalisation 15-0dB over the band
Output level 118dBuV to DIN45004B standard

Kingray’s DA43 distribution amplifier has been designed to suit our
current digital and analogue environment. The technology used is
hybrid bipolar and GaAs, which allows for a greater output capacity,
whilst having a lower noise figure. The amplifiers contain midstage
gain controls, a number of flexible powering options and are built in
a fully shielded die-cast housing.

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