ClearView EDFAWDM-8H 8 Port OLT XPON/XGS-PON & 1550nm CATV combiner amplifier


ClearView EDFAWDM-8H 8 Port OLT XPON/XGS-PON & 1550nm CATV combiner amplifier

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8 Port OLT XPON/XGS-PON & 1550nm CATV combiner amplifier.
This series erbium is a doped or erbium and ytterbium co-doped fibre
amplifier including the latest optical transmission system equipment, made
to combine optical signal OLT XPON/XGS-PON and 1550nm CATV, and
amplify the CATV signal as well. The optical input number: 1 port of CATV
or 2 redundant CATV inputs + 8 ports PON input ports. 8 ports outputs of
1550nm+1490nm/1310nm & 1270/1577nm combined output, of which the
total output power range of 1550nm is 15.5dBm Standard. 11 to 22dBm level
per port is available and an option according to user requirement.

ClearView’s high-power WDM EDFA is compatible with the OLT/ONU
of HUAWEI, ZTE, FiberHome, etc and no data is lost, which creates high
cost performance. It is mainly used for XPON / XGS-PON structure fibre
to home(FTTH) and fibre to the building(FTTB).

This series product adopts JDSU, Lumentum, Ⅱ-Ⅵ etc multimode high
power pump laser as pump source and American OFS closed beam splitter
as double-cladding synthesizer. Built-in optical power output stabilization
circuit and laser thermoelectric cooler temperature stabilization control
circuit ensure the best performance of the EDFA and the long-term stable
operation of the laser. The microprocessor software monitors the working
status of the laser, and the working parameters are displayed on the digital
panel (LCD). Once the laser’s working parameters deviate from the
allowable range set by the software, the micro-processor will automatically
turn off the laser power, and the red light flashes to alert.

◆ Top quality: Adopting multi-mode high-power pump laser and the power
is optimized through software, which makes the system achieving excellent
◆ Reliability: Adopting 19″ 1RU standard chassis, built-in high performance
modular switching power supply, can work in AC90 to 265V voltage. Dual
hot and reserved power supply with Chassis automatic heat dissipation control.
RCM Certified
◆ Intuitive: The built-in microprocessor monitors the working status of the
pump laser, and the working parameters are displayed on LCD.
◆ Network management Interface: Web transponder is line with the national
standard and compatible with the SCTE HMS standard, achieving WEB
monitoring function. The red warning symbol is displayed on the web page,
which is convenient for troubleshooting.
◆ Adjustable output optical power: Advanced design enables a large adjustable
range of output power, and power can be lowered by 0 to -3dBm.
◆ Plug-in WDM modular: Integrated FWDM module, CATV, GPON, EPON,
XGS-PON. One fibre with multi-wavelengths is convenient to use.
◆ Built-in optical switch option: There is an automatic (preferred) or manual
(forced) switch mode when CATV signal has main path A and redundant
path B optical switch input (OPT SWITCH). Automatic mode uses the main
path A by default, it switches to redundant path B if A input power fails.
35 days delivery from order date

Optical Operating Wavelength: 1535 to 1565nm
Input Optical Power Range: -10 to +10dBm
Noise Ratio: ≤5.0dB (0 dBm,@1550nM)
Gain Flatness: <±0.3dB
Optical Power Output Stability: <±0.5dB
Polarization Sensitivity: <0.2dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion: <0.5Ps
Input End Pump Leakage Power: ≤-30dB
Output End Pump Leakage Power: ≤-30dB
Optical Input, Output Return Loss: >45dB(APC Stepped Face)
Pump Operating Number: 1 to 2PCs
Rated Total Output Power: 27 to 35dBm
Linker(IN): SC/APC or LC/APC
Linker(OUT): SC/APC or LC/APC

Power Supply/Consumption: AC90 to 265V, 20W
Operating/Storage Temperature: -20 to 65/-30 to 70 Deg C
Operating/Storage Humidity: 5 to 90%
Weight: 7KG
Chassis Dimension: 435×365×45mm(1RU)

Network Management Connector: RJ45 Web GUI
XG(S)- PON Wavelength: 1310/1490 & 1270/1577nm
PON Linker: SC/UPC or LC/UPC or SC/APC or LC/APC
Uplink optical ports: 1/2/4 Pcs
Output ports: 1/2/4 Pcs
PON Insertion Loss: <1.2dB
1550 Port Insertion Loss: <0.7dB
Optical isolation: 40dB
Optical Switch Insertion Loss: <1dB
Harass: <-60dB (isolation between A and B)
Switch Time: <10ms
Switched Power Threshold Range    : -5 to 10dBm

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Weight 7 kg


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