ClearView TX1550C CATV and Satellite Optical Transmitter


ClearView TX1550C CATV and Satellite Optical Transmitter

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Product Description

TX-1550C series is a 1550nm CATV + satellite TV directly modulated optical transmitter, which uses
a high linear cooling DFB laser. It can transmit 47 ~ 862MHz analog & digital signals of CATV and
950 ~ 2410MHz satellite TV signals on one optical fibre. It provides a complete set of high-quality,
low-cost fibre-optic trunk transmission of satellite live television (DBS) and cable television (CATV)
for fibre-to-the-building (FTTB), fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) Solutions.

Compatible with any FTTx PON technology, it can achieve integration of CATV + satellite TV (DVB-S2) +
Internet. use together with ClearView’s CATV EDFA or WDM EDFA for long-haul and large-area FTTH
triple play transmission.

It uses a 1U 19 “standard chassis. The working parameters of the device is controlled by a
microprocessor. The LCD on the front panel provides status display and fault diagnosis. The built-in
APC and ATC control circuits ensure laser long service life and highly reliable operation. Two
polarized RCM Certified power supply options for one satellite, which guarantees high-quality
transmission of CATV, Analogue TV, Digital TV (DBS-C, DBS-T) and Satellite TV signalsover optical fibre.

 Product Features

High linear cooling DFB laser suitable for Analog TV & SAT-IF applications.
Wide bandwidth: 47 ~ 862 & 950 ~ 2410MHz working bandwidth, one fibre can transmit CATV &
SAT-IF signal at the same time.
Transmit 1 to 2 satellite signals.
The optical transmitter can provide the same satellite with two polarized power supply options either
with + 13VDC or + 18VDC.

Intuitive: The laser is the most expensive components of the device. The built-in microprocessor in
the machine monitors the external modulator and laser’s working status, and the working
parameters are displayed on the panel LCD.

Standard Configuration output level 10dBm, Options 5, 7, 9dBm. Delivery 35 days from order

Technical Parameters

Optical Index
Operating Wavelength (nm)- 1548 to1563
Output Power- 10dBm, Optional 5, 7, 9 dBm
Noise Equivalent Intensity (dB/Hz)- ≤-160, RIN (47~862MHz)
≤-145, RIN (47~2410MHz)
Return Loss (dB)- ≥50
Connector- SC/APC, FC/APC Optional
RF Working Bandwidth (MHz) 47-862
Input Level (dBMV)- 18 to 28, AGC(OMI=3%)
Flatness (dB)- ≤±0.75 47 to 862MHz
RF Input Return Loss (dB)- >16, 47 to 750MHz
RF Input Impedance (Ω)- 75
Transmitting Channel- PAL-D/60CH
CNR1(dB)- ≥52.5 Back to back
CNR2(dB)- ≥50.5 50Km Fibre, 0dBm
CTB(dB)- ≤-65
CSO(dB)- ≤-65
HUM(dB)- ≤-60
IF Working Bandwidth (MHz)- 960~2410
Input Level (dBMV)- 5 to15 AGC(OMI=1%)
Flatness (dB)- ±1.5, 960~2600MHZ
RF Input Return Loss (dB)- ≥10
Transmitting Channel- 36CH
CNR(dB) ≥27 Noise Bandwidth 27MHz
CTB(dB) ≤-36
CSO(dB) ≤-36
HUM(dB) ≤-60
Power Supply (VAC)- 90 to 265VAC, Hot-pluggable Power Supply
Power Consumption(W)- ≤50
RCM Certified
Working Temperature (deg C), 0 to 50,
Automatic Mechanical Temperature Control
Dimensions- 19 inch Chassis (1U),435×260×45mm


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