ClearView XGS2600 XGS-PON Optical receiver with RF to 2400MHz


ClearView XGS2600 XGS-PON Optical receiver with RF to 2400MHz

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The ClearView-XGS-2600 optical receiver is an FTTH SAT-TV+CATV high-performance
optical receiver suitable for cable TV and satellite live TV transmission on the same network.
This device selects the high bandwidth, high sensitivity photoelectric cell, and low noise
matching circuit, all Shen gallium IC amplifier, light receiving range – 15 ~ + 2dBm, a
AGC – 8 ~ 0dBm/RF80dBuv constant output. It receives 1550nmfor the SAT-TV/CATV
signal and loops XGS-PON signal (1310/1490nm & 1270/1577nm) loop through, SC/APC.,
connectors. Compact and High Performance. RCM certified.

Technical Parameters

Input Optical Power Range -15 to +2dBm
AGC  -8 to 0dBm
Responsivity  >0.9A/W
Optical Return Loss    >45dB
Input Wavelength  1310/1490,1550,1270/1577  SAT-TV+CATV&XGS-PON
Output Wavelength  1310/1490, 1270/1577  XGS-PON
Receive Wavelength    1540 to 1560
Frequency Range  45 to 2400MHz    SAT-TV+CATV
CATV  Flatness  +/-1.0dB (45~2400MHz)
Output Level  80dBμV  -8 to 0dBm/AGC
CNR/CSO/CTB  >50dB/>60dB/>65dB  -1dBm input power
MER/BER     >32(64QAM)/<1×10-4  -12dBm
Return Loss  >14dB(47~1000MHZ)  Output Impedance/75ohm
AGC Stability  +/-1dB(-8 to 0dBm)
RF Connector  F-female
Optical Connector  SC/APC
PON Connector  SC/APC
Power Supply  5V/500mA  Input 90 to 255VAC→ RCM Certified
Power Consumption    <2W
Working / Storage Temperature    -5 to 45℃/-25 to 75℃
Dimensions 80×55×25mm Metal box structure
Power Adapter Included

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