ClearView HD4111 Quad HD MPEG4 ISDBT Modulator 4RF Carriers Out


ClearView HD4111 Quad HD MPEG4 ISDBT Modulator 4RF Carriers Out

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The optional 2nd 12V 5A power adaptor available here

CVBS to HDMI Upscaler to convert inputs to CVBS SD available here

4 way USB Splitter to connect up to 4 HDMI Upscalers to one modulator
available here

This modulator us ISDBT for South America. If you need the DVBT version
Select the HD4111se here

Specifications :

Encoding             MPEG4                                           
Interface              HDMI x 4 (Type A receptacle)                           
Resolution          1920 x1080_30p,                                     
Aspect Ratio       4:3 ; 16:9                                           
Encoding             MPEG-1 Layer II                                     
Interface               HDMI x 4                                          
Sample rate        48KHz , 44.1KHz or under                              

Standard              SDBT ARIB STD-B31                      
FFT mode             2K/8K                                  
Bandwidth            6M for ISDBT                               
Constellation       QPSK/16QAM 64QAM                     
Guard interval      1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32                           
Code rate             1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8                        
Frequency range  177.5~226.5MHz
                             522.5~816.5MHz   4 x RF Carriers Out            
Local interface       LCD+control buttons                           
Remote management       Web NMS                                
NMS Interface         RJ45                                   
Language               English                                 

Output level           70 to102dBuV        
MER                        > 36dB              
Connector type      F’ female               

Dimensions         483 x 203 x 45 cm
Weight                   1.3kg    
Power supply       AC 100 to 240V  and 12V 5A DC Optional Adaptor
Operation temperature   0 to 50 degrees C 

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Weight 2.000 kg


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