Alden Satlight 60cm Portable Automatic Dish System for Travelers


Alden Satlight 60cm Portable Automatic Dish System for Travelers

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The highlight of the ALDEN product is its high-quality construction and durability. Made in France and sold
Worldwide. The One touch control unit makes the dish easy to deploy. Pressing deploy on the SSC HD
controller will move the dish to the last satellite chosen. If you need to change the satellite you can change
the selection while the satellite name is flashing on the front of the controller.For motorhomes that have
reduced sp ace on the roof, or folding roofs.

Alden developed the Satlight 60cm auto
lock dish. Lightweight at only 8.7Kg with cable, the dish can be positioned away from the motor-home.

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This is very convenient when your motorhome is parked under trees. Once you set up the dish in the position
you require and connect the dish to the SSC unit, powering the unit on will enable the dish to seek and lock onto
the satellite on its own.

* Single 10700 LO LNBF
* Auto GPS Skew Control
* Only 250mm high when stowed
* Firmware easily updated via USB Port
* SSC HD controller with Satellites Pre-Programmed

Made in France   

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Weight 15.000 kg


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