Vast TV for Caravans

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  • Vast satellite TV

VAST or The Viewer Access Satellite Television service, is a satellite television platform in Australia, that provides digital television and radio services to remote and rural areas, as well as viewers in terrestrial black spots. The service uses the Optus C1 and Optus D3 satellites. It is partly funded by the Australian Government and managed through a joint-venture between media and television groups.

It is an even more restricted free-to-view replacement for Optus Aurora providing channels which have been absent (such as a Network Ten affiliate and digital-only secondary and HD network channels) on the remote server until now. Also, the replacement black spot service uses only H.264 video encoding and 8PSK for the additional channels, which allows for lower bit rate channels on the limited transponder space that’s available. The EPG uses a MHEG-5 guide instead of the usual more compatible DVB EIT.

  • Caravans or travellers

The VAST TV for caravans is a very useful machine. You can buy a kit that can be deployed each time you need to receive Australian TV channels to watch TV. You can do it sitting anywhere in Australia which is why it is such a handy tool for travellers.

You can also purchase the automatic systems such as Sphere or ALDEN. After installation, all you have to do is press a button which deploys an auto dish. That dish will seek and find the satellite.

  • Vast satellite decoder

VAST decoders need to be certified by Optus. There are 3 brands currently certified:

  1. Altech UEC
  2. SatKing
  3. Humax.

Vast decoders have a smart card that is compatible with the box. It cannot be used in any other box. The VAST service is encrypted and smart cards need to be activated by VAST before the programs can be viewed. The VAST service is HD and uses the satellite DVBS2 system.

Kristal specializes in ALDEN French made auto deploy satellite system systems for Caravaners and Travelers.

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