Kingray MHW35FS Masthead Amplifier


Kingray MHW35FS Masthead Amplifier

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Kingray MHW35FS fully shielded masthead amplifier
Comes with PSK06 power pack
• Frequency range: VHF 174-230MHz, UHF 520-694MHz
• 88-230MHz
• FM pass option
• Gain: VHF 22-26dB, UHF 35dB
• Gain control: VHF 16-12dB, UHF 15dB
• Noise figure: VHF 3.5dB, UHF 2.1dB
• Selectable filters: FM, LTE, fixed pagers
• Combination and separate VHF & UHF Antenna inputs
* Includes LTE Filter

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