Digitech 400 Watt 12VDC to 230VACModified Sine Wave Inverter


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Inverter, 400W (1200W Surge) 12VDC to 230VAC Electrically Isolated

It will deliver up to 400 watts of continuous power, while supplying 
surge currents up to a massive 1200 watts. DC input is through 
either a 750mm lead with a cigarette lighter plug on the end, or an
850mm lead with alligator clips. The cigarette lighter plug is fused
with a 15A 3AG fuse,while the alligator lead features an inline 35A fuse.
The output is a standard 3 pin mains socket. There is a rocker on/off switch,
and LED indicators for power and fault.This unit also features fan assisted
cooling. Be sure that your cigarette lighter circuit can supply more than
15 amps

Typical Applications:
Satellite receivers, Laptop computers, recharging power 
tools or batteries, lamps and fluorescents up to 300W, 
34cm televisions, 60W Halogen worklight, electric fan, 
fax machines etc.

Output Power Continuous: 400W
Output Power Surge: 1200W
Standby Current: < 300mA
Input Voltage: 10 – 15VDC
Output Wave Form: Modified Sine Wave
Efficiency: > 90%
Size: 190(L) x 91(W) x 58(H)mm
Weight: 1.4kg

Circuit Protection:
Thermal Shutdown and Alarm: 60�C +/- 5�C (Automatic Recovery)
Battery Low Alarm: 10.5VDC +/- 0.5VDC
Battery Low Shutdown: 10.0VDC +/- 0.5VDC
High Battery Shutdown: 15.5VDC +/- 1VDC
External Fusing: 35A Maximum

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Weight 600 kg


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