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We are the number one suppliers of digital RF modulators in Australia

Hello and welcome to Kristal Electronics! We manufacture digital terrestrial, digital satellite and broadcast equipment products. We brand these products under our own brand, ClearView and supply them not only nationally but also worldwide. We are a family owned business with 30 years of experience in the industry and we strive to provide quality electronic equipment to our customers with fast delivery.

The Promise of Quality

Our range of digital TV modulators is sate of the art. It will efficiently distribute your AV signals throughout your home or workplace by RF. You can also connect your AV sources such as DVD or Pay TV to all your digital TVs at the same time. You can do it in HD using an HDMI cable, HDCP or YPbPr, and in SD with CVBS. The signal can be picked up by a digital TV.

Our modulators come in two types:

  • Standard definition
  • High Definition

Standard Definition:

In standard definition, some of our options are:

  • ClearView SD1010u SD Digital Modulator MPEG4 CVBS Input

This is an encoder-modulator with a very reasonable pricing. It converts the SD video and audio signals from a source to a digital terrestrial signal for distribution throughout a home, hotel or any other building.

  • ClearView SD4260 Rack Mount SD Quad Modulator

The SD4260 is a Rack Mount 4 composite, component or S-Video video inputs standard definition DVB-T COFDM modulator which provides a COFDM RF signal in the range of 50-860MHz.

  • ClearView KR425H 16 Input SD CVBS DVBT Modulator 4 Carriers Out

KR425H 16 in 1 encoder modulator is ClearView’s newest devices which integrate encoding,
multiplexing, scrambling and DVB-T modulation. It supports 16 CVBS input, one DVB-C tuner
input and 128 IP input with Data1 (GE) and Data2 (FE) port.

High Definition:

Some of our options for digital modulators in HD are:

  • ClearView HD1111i Single HD Mpeg 4 Modulator HDMI in with lHDMI oop out

The HD1111i series products are ClearView’s all-in-one devices which integrate encoding  -AVC H.264) and modulation to convert a HDMI HD signal to a digital RF output.

  • ClearView KR421I 4 HDMI Input MPEG4 HD Encoder DVBT/DVBC Modulator

KR421I is a professional high integration device which includes encoding, multiplexing, scrambling and DVB-C/T modulation. It supports 4 HDMI inputs, one DVB-C tuner input and 128 IP input with Data1 (GE) and Data2 (FE) port.

  • ClearView HD168B 4 HDMI/CVBS Input MPEG4 HD Encoder DVBT Modulator

HD168B is a low cost professional high integration device which includes encoding and modulation. In the one unit. It supports 4 HDMI or CVBS inputs, and can accept up to 1080p resolution to modulatr in DVBT on to one RF carrier.