Digital Terrestrial HD Receivers

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  • Receivers for digital terrestrial HD televisions

Digital terrestrial HD television (DTTV or DTT) is a technological evolution of broadcast television and an advancement over analogue television. DTTV uses a terrestrial receiver to catch the signals. There are quite a few advantages of digital terrestrial television in platforms such as cable, satellite, and all telecommunications. These are:

  • The efficient use of spectrum and provision of more capacity than analogue
  • Better quality images
  • Lower operating costs for broadcast and transmission (after the initial upgrade costs).

Various systems of digital terrestrial broadcast television systems have been developed:

–   ATSC DTV – Advanced Television Standards Committee (System A)

–   ATSC-M/H – Advanced Television Systems Committee Mobile & Handheld

–   China DTV

–   DVB-H – Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld

–   DVB-T – Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (System B)

–   DVB-T2

–   ISDB-T – Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial (System C).

–   DMB-T/H

–   ISDB-TSB – Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial Sound Broadcasting -(System F)

Digital terrestrial receiver technology uses an aerial to broadcast to a conventional television antenna (or aerial) instead of a satellite dish or cable television connection.

  • Vast satellite TV

VAST or Viewer Access Satellite Television service, is a satellite television platform in Australia, providing digital television and radio services to remote and rural areas, as well as viewers in terrestrial black spots. The service uses the Optus C1 and Optus D3 satellites. It is partly funded by the Australian

Government and managed through a joint-venture between Southern Cross Media and Imparja Television.

It is an conditional access free-to-view replacement for old Optus Aurora providing channels which have been absent on the remote server until now. Also, the replacement black spot service uses only H.264 video encoding and 8PSK for the additional channels, which allows for lower bit rate channels on the limited transponder space that’s available. The EPG uses a MHEG-5 guide instead of the usual more compatible DVB EIT.

  • Vast TV for caravans

The VAST satellite service is available for caravans and travellers. A kit can be purchased and deployed each time you need to receive Australian TV channels sitting anywhere in Australia. Automatic Systems such as Sphere or ALDEN can be purchased and installed so that the viewer simply needs to press a button for the auto dish to deploy and find the satellite. ALDEN is a high quality French made auto deploy satellite system for caravaners and travellers.