ClearView KR397X HD Professional DVBT IRD with LCD monitor


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Fully Featured Professional DVBT IRD with LCD monitor

The KR397XT HD IRD is a newly design IRD with a small LCD video monitor
built into the front panel. It can receive TS signals from the tuner, 
ASI and IP sources. After multiplexing and de-encryption with a CI CAM 
module, it can be sent the ASI and IP ports, as well as various 
video/audio interfaces. The output ports include HD/SD-SDI, YPbPr, 
HDMI, stereo balanced audio, stereo unbalanced audio and S/PDIF 
digital audio and CVBS, which meet the professional users� needs. 
With the CI CAM slot (CI/CI+) support, The KRS397XT support multi channel 
(Tuner, ASI or IP) de-scrambling with the appropriate multi service CI
CAM, and give transparent signal outputs. The user can operate the device 
by using front panel LCD or NMS/SNMP software. Moreover, users can choose 
to have an optional ASI output interface which can pass through the 
encrypted data source directly from tuner.

DVB-T: 146MHz ~862 MHz, 6/7/8 M bandwidth
LCD display will show decoded video
MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 video decoding
Re-multiplexer embedded
Tuner, IP, ASI Input at the same time
IP, ASI, Decoding output at the same time
Dual CI CAM card slot(CI/CI+)
Front Panel and NMS or SNMP network management
10 x SPTS and 1 x MPTS IP outputs

Input Interface
Tuner: 1 DVBT tuner
ASI: 1 ASI Input (supports 188/204 package format)
IP: 1 IP Input (100M, RJ45 Port)

Output Interfaces
ASI Output: 2 ASI outputs (after multiplexer)
2 ASI output (tunerinput pass through as an option)
IP output: 10 SPTS output and 1 x MPTS outputs
Video Output: 1 x CVBS (BNC) 576i@25fps, 480i@29.97fps
1 x YPbPr(BNC): 1080i@25,29.97,30fps; 720p@50,59.94fps
1 x HD/SD-SDI(BNC): 1080i@25,29.97,30fps; 
720p@50,59.94fps; 576i@25fps; 480i@29.97fps
1 x HDMI: 1080i@25,29.97,30fps; 720p@50,59.94fps
Video Decoding: MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Audio Decoding: MPEG1 layer2, AC3, HE-AAC(v2), LC-AAC

NMS Port
Ethernet Port: 10/100M
Protocols: TS Over IP: UDP

Supports front panel and network management(NMS/SNMP)
Ethernet software upgrade
25mm LCD display for decoded video display

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 482mm x 455mm x 44.5mm
Power: 110 to 240VAC 50/60Hz, 20W
Temperature: 0 to 45c(Operating), -20 to 80c(Storage)

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Weight 5000 kg


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